Griffin gaming studios was created from the friendship of two mediocre looking guys, Thomas (Cásseres) and George (Nitroplex), determined to find a future in the game industry. Brought together by life and karma, they found themselves following the same philosophy of “Unique storytelling”. Although they seem foolish enough, people got interested in their plans and were drawn to them. People like Evangelos (Gluxable), who came a year later adding his efforts in the team. Now the three of them have rearanged their goals and they are ready for the future. And this future starts today with a small simple sentence. We need to create unique games that immerse the player into vivid new worlds. And also have some fun!

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Our unique games!

Griffin’s Flight

Fly Higher

Griffin’s Flight

“The baby griffin has just hatched out of its egg. Now it’s up to you to prevent it from crushing to the ground. Your wings are sturdy, although not fully developed, all you have to do is fly higher and higher each time.”




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