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Fly higher


“The baby griffin has just hatched out of its egg. Now it’s up to you to prevent it from crushing to the ground. Your wings are sturdy, although not fully developed, all you have to do is fly higher and higher each time.”

Griffin’s Flight is a simple game in which your sole purpose is to fly your creature higher and top your own and others’ highscore.
But do not fool yourselves, being simple does not make the game easy. Because griffin’s flight is not an easy game.
It will test your nerves and make you curse, not wanting to touch it again…for the next couple of hours. But don’t get discouraged by its difficulty, you reap what you sow.

By playing and collecting feathers you are going to be able to upgrade, adapt and even evolve, allowing you to reach further heights. Hit targets earn some extra points to your advantage. You will also have the option to unlock more creatures with different abilities and strengths to match your playstyle and preferences.

Fly safely

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Compete now and win Griffin Prizes!!

The contest will be available from Saturday 29/09/2018 at 9a.m. to Sunday 30/09/2018 9p.m.

You can compete anywhere you are! Just send us an email at and you are in!

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Usefull Information

  • Create your own profile to save your score in the cloud.

  • Buy feathers through google play to unlock mystery eggs.

  • Hatch the mystery eggs to unlock new players and cool features.



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